Pure olive oil soap & Pure Olive oil Shaving Soap From the
Monterosa Olive Estate in Southern Portugal

We are pleased to announce that Sol e Campo has been appointed 
as the UK Distributor for Monterosa Olive Oil Soaps


Nothing taken out – nothing added – This premium natural soap is created from pure extra virgin olive oil, simply cured & matured to bring you the healthiest soap possible. We take nothing out, we leave all the goodness for your skin. Our pure olive oil soap is neither perfumed or refined, after several weeks of resting, each bar is simply wrapped/ labelled and delivered to pharmacies & health shops where clients appreciate the natural approach to a healthy skin.

The Romans used olive oil as a precious commodity, wealthy families would indeed bathe in it, such is its nutritional value & kindness to the skin.

This pure olive oil soap is suitable for everyone, including babies, people with sensitive skin or allergies and is also a perfect choice for people who wish to use a natural non-perfumed soap which is totally bio degradable – 100% good for your body and 0% problem for the environment.....

To get the most from your soap & help it last longer, air should circulate around and underneath to stop it becoming slippery from all the natural glycerol content.

We now have some hand made coconut soap holders, which perfectly compliment your pure soap bar.

Mens shaving soap in a gift box – A bygone era ? Not so..... Your own pure olive oil soap in a bespoke ceramic pot, will leave your face feeling pampered & smooth with a naturally moisturised skin.

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