Flor de Sal Sea Salt in cute 100g cloth bags

Flor de Sal Sea Salt in cute 100g cloth bags
Flor de Sal Sea Salt in cute 100g cloth bags Flor de Sal Sea Salt in cute 100g cloth bags Flor de Sal Sea Salt in cute 100g cloth bags

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Flor de sal

Since Roman times, the white gold of the Algarve - The flower of sea salt, as its name suggests is the cream of the crop. Harvested on a daily basis, while the sun beats down, during those hottest of summer days, we bring to your table, the softest, flakiest, sea salt possible. Gently pinched over your food it will dissolve like snow flakes, to draw out the full flavour of your culinary creations.

About Sea Salt

From the ancient Roman salterns, fed by the Atlantic ocean of the eastern Algarve, worked by skilled artisans, these saltpans are once again producing to full capacity in order to fil the demand for natural produce from a sustainable environment. Gathered by hand and dried by the sun & wind, carefully packed and that’s it…… No additives, no artificial treatments necessary. Taste the proof! – An age old skill, using hand crafted tools, bringing natural ingredients to your table.

Why it's Hand-harvested

Manual harvesting and natural evaporation mean more than just a nostalgic attitude of keeping up a millennial tradition: firstly, this method minimizes the impurity content to guarantee a naturally white flower of seasaltm and,secondly, this keeps the naturally grown crystals intact, resulting in a fine, flaky salt that crumbles between the fingers.

Why it Tastes Different

Real Flor de Sal comes from small traditional crystallizer ponds, and so does Flos Salis. There, the crystallization starts at the surface, forming within only some hours a thin layer that floats on the brine. The little lamellous crystals do not undergo any refining procedures after harvest, maintaining sea water´s natural "bouquet" of minerals. Compared to common seasalt qualities, this results in a striking difference in taste.

Why it's Healthy

Organic life began in the oceans. Today, the mineral composition in human blood and extracellular liquid is similar to that in sea water. Flor de Sal keeps this composition of over 80 different elements, contributing to a healthy nutrition. Free from any additives, it relies on sun, wind and the sea. That's it.

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